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Cities: Skylines – Yininmadyemi Memorial

Yininmadyemi Memorial for Cities: Skylines.

Yininmadyemi “Thou didst let fall”, a sculpture designed by Tony Albert, is located near the historic site of a ritual contest ground on Gadigal land. The artwork honours the bravery and sacrifice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women.

It is comprised of seven 7m tall rifle cartridges, with 3 fallen and 4 standing, and was unveiled in 2015.

This is a Parklife asset, meaning it can be placed path-side in a park area, and doesn’t require road access. It has no other requirements, all decoration pictured (plants, flagpoles) was added in-game. It is 5×5 tiles.

2,839 main / 294 LOD

2048×256 d,a,s,n

Credits: Robert

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