Cities Skylines – World Port Center (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

World Port Center by Jerenable

World Port Centre is a 33-storey, 123.1 m (404 ft) skyscraper in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The tower was commissioned by ING Real Estate Development.[7] The building costs amounted to approximately NLG100 million. The Port of Rotterdam Authority is the main occupant of the WPC.

As the building stands at the far point of the Wilhelmina pier it is built on, there is an excellent view of the surrounding harbours and city from the higher floors. The building is also an emergency centre, designed to deal with potential catastrophes in the port area and act as a coordination centre.

Source: Wikipedia

stats building
main tri: 4129
main tex: 1024×512
lod tri: 311
lod tex: 512×256

This asset uses the Plopable RICO mod and can be found in the office tab without this mod the building is an unique and can be found in that tab.

Credit(s): Jerenable

Download - Cities Skylines – World Port Center (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

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