Cities: Skylines – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 1:1 Roads Only

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 1:1 Roads Only for Cities: Skylines.

Have you ever wondered if you can build a major city on a swamp with neither coherent planning nor freeways? If so, Winnipeg is your city. If not, give it a shot. Winnipeg is the strangest city in North America – it is unparalleled by even the heralded Austin & Portland, and it’s up to you to either tame it, or let your planning get a little…weird.

This map includes pretty much everything you’d want when you’re starting based off a real world city: Every road has been hand-laid based on a high res 17.28km map image of the city, most of the roads are named correctly (you try naming 30,000 segments and tell me when you get tired), neighbourhoods are marked on the map, and traffic lights are mostly correct. Is this one of those real-world city maps where you download it and the gridded neighbourhoods’ roads are not at the correct angles to match the in-game grids, you ask? No, I took time to make sure that everything lines up correctly. Disclaimer, though: I’m a busy guy – don’t yell at me if you find something that a seasoned local such as myself can’t find or neglected.

One thing to keep an eye out for is the roads on the edges of the map that do not have in-game zoneable blocks attached to them. Feel free to activate those zoneable blocks, but keep an eye on your limits, as they are left that way to give you some room to pick and choose where you want your zones to go. You should have a bit of room on zoneable blocks as well as segments so you can add some extra infrastructure, but it’s probably not entirely necessary since there’s so much here.

Credits: m0ntesa

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