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Cities Skylines – Windhond Strait

Windhond Strait mod for Cities Skylines.

Requires Theme Mixer 2 to look like it supposed to!

Theme Mixer Settings:

  • Base theme: Boreal Summer THEME by MrMiyagi
  • Sand: Coosbay Theme by VecchioChristo
  • Ruined: Coosbay Theme by VecchioChristo
  • Oil: Coosbay Theme by VecchioChristo
  • Fertile: Realistic V1.4.5 European by Captain Soap
  • Ore: Realistic V1.4.5 European by Captain Soap
  • Leave the rest of the settings to the base map theme

Required DLC:
Cities: Skylines – Mass Transit

Credits: PullaElisa

Download Link #1

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