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Cities Skylines – Wide Dutch Canal

Wide Dutch Canal mod for Cities Skylines.

A wider version of my Dutch Canal that supports ferries and can connect to Macwelshman’s network rivers.

Requires Fine Road Anarchy to put roads close to a canal.

For easiest use, place the roads surrounding the canal first, leaving 4 grid spaces for the canal. Draw the canal last. Even placing buildings can be easier before the canal is there, because they won’t sink into the ground. Move It is usually required in any event.

The Wide Dutch Canal supports ferries, and they will go very close to the centerline of the canal so as to clear the various bridges. This does mean they will clip into ferries coming the other way and if you don’t like the look of that use the canals only in one direction. Low clearence vessels are required, this tour ferry seems to work well and here is a miniature ferry stop.

Connecting to rivers
This canal will connect to all of Macwelshman’s network rivers, but some care is needed to make it look good. 90 degree junctions will look like they are in serious need of some dredging, straight connections look much better. So branch your rivers first, then turn one of the branches into a canal. City river connections basically never look good.

River connections will have a hard transition between the textures. You can use the provided Dutch Canal Mud Decal to smoothen it out.

The Wide Dutch Canal will not connect to the vanilla game canals, use the regular Dutch Canal to do that.

Required Mod:
Network Tiling

Credits: Epic Lurker

Download Link #1

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