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Cities: Skylines – White Tile Monorail Station

White tile Monorail station for Cities: Skylines.

Monorail is attractive transport system. Sky will not be covered if you lay rail even on the road because monorail is thinner than normal rail. And monorail car use rubber tires so it runs quietly and climb steep slope easily. But in Cities Skylines it seems that monorail is not popular. I think one of the reasons is that we have just few of assets for monorail. Vanila on-road monorail station can be used only on 4 lane road, and crosswalk is made automatically, but this station can be used on variety roads.

You can connect this station with vanilla monorail avenue.

1. Drag the road vertically for the station and place the station
2. Bulldoze the road
3. Then you can connect with monorail avenue with station.
4. And connect the avenue with monorail avenue under the station.

But if you use this way, crosswalk will be made automatically, and if you make big intersection on there, the pillar of station will disturb.

Credits: Muska

Download Cities: Skylines – White Tile Monorail Station - Download Link #1


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