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Weißenburg – Old district court for Cities: Skylines

The “Royal Local Court Weissenburg” (as written above the door) was built from 1902 to 1904 in new renaissance style. Since the departments of the local court were centralized in 1997 the house is part of the building complex of the the local district office (“Landratsamt Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen”). It was last redecorated in 2011. [Source: Sign on the building.]

Weißenburg i. Bay., Germany

Building info:
– 4×2 cells
– ~520 triangles, 2048×1024 texture
– includes illumination and specular textures, no color variants, not optimized for snow, no LOD
Building properties based on vanilla court, but lower values (since smaller building):
– workers: 6/6/6/12 (total 30)
– Level 3 monument, requires city milestone 4 (Boom town)
– entertainment 50, radius 100
– noise 10, radius 50
– Price 25.000

Credit(s): MB

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