Cities: Skylines – Webbers Falls Map

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Webbers Falls for Cities: Skylines.

The River:

This map is an inspiration from a real location known as Webbers Falls, Oklahoma. It is not a replica, but a close inspiration of it. The real location has functioning locks and a low-water dam. You cannot drive across the dam as it is for their personnel only. But the river that runs through it is very large and slow-moving known as the Arkansas River. I tried to make it as real as it is with sand banks and its meandering course. I have thrown in a few more rivers to add more interest and to also break up the map a bit.

The Terrain:

The hills and low mountains are also similar to the terrain a little ways south of Webbers Falls, known as the Ouachita (wash-uh-tah) Mountains. They are not exactly mountains, but rather steep hills and ridges that run for many miles across southern Oklahoma and Arkansas (Ar-kan-saw). But I mainly drew inspiration from a famous road that runs along the top of the highest ridges/mountains known as, Talimena Drive. I have included a picture of it during the fall months, which is one of the most popular times of the year when many motorists (mainly bikers) cruise along what is dubbed, Skyline Drive, as you are mostly above all other hills and mountains making for great views. How fitting is that for this game? As you can see, Skyline Drive exists in my map!
There is also much build space along the rivers and in some of the valleys to make a decent sized city. Maybe not a metropolis, but a good town that would compliment the map. The hills and mesas in the center would make for some good fancy villas or a nice country-rural vibe.

The Resources:

Oklahoma is known for its oil and natural gas, so I have made oil quite bountiful in this map, along with lots of fertile land. Ore is also plentiful, so this is a map for an industry tycoon! In fact, the Industries DLC is required as I have used a street and some fencing from that pack near the dam.

The Stats:

Time spent on this map w/theme ~approx 30hrs

Suitable area for building: 71%


  • 3 highway connections
  • 3 train connections
  • 2 air connections
  • 1 ship connection

Required Mods:
Beech Tree — download
Eastern Red Cedar — download
Live Oak Tree — download
Generic Tree pack — download
Australian Gray Mangrove — download
Network Extensions 2 — download
Bay Bridge Network – Draggable Double Deck Suspension Bridge — download
No Radioactive Desert And More! — download
Oklahoma Summer — download

Credits: SanditeSpartan117

Download Cities: Skylines – Webbers Falls Map - Download Link #1

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