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Cities Skylines – Wartburg 353

Wartburg 353 car mod for Cities Skylines.

The Wartburg 353, known in some export markets as the Wartburg Knight, is a medium-sized family car, produced by the East German car manufacturer AWE for their Wartburg brand. The Wartburg 353 was produced from 1966 to 1988, becoming the Wartburg with the longest production run. Domestically, it was used for all types of government transportation, sometimes as a police car. However, due to the nature of the planned economy, deliveries to private owners could take ten to fifteen years.

Like other Eastern European cars, it was known for its low price and comparatively well-equipped design. Because of its forward centre of gravity and front-wheel drive, the car had typical front-wheel-drive road handling, usually displaying significant understeer, especially in wet conditions.

1:1 scale
Tris count – 1311
Textures 1024×1024
Custom LOD mesh:
Tris count – 60
Textures 64×64

Credits: Yakudami

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