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Cities: Skylines – Volvo XC 70

Volvo XC 70 for Cities: Skylines.

Volvo XC 70
Just like the title says

A more modern Volvo car produced by the swedish company Volvo
The car reminds alot of the V70 the company also produced, let alone the more SUV like model they produced, the XC90.
This is truly one amazing car and it really shows where Volvo shines the most, a family friendly station wagon for all your travelling needs.

I made this model as a base for the upcoming swedish police car i wanted to make (I might aswell throw a norwegian version in there too)

model is ca 3000 tris and 1024×1024 texture size
LOD is as usual 500 tris and 128×128 textures

Leave whatever future model you want in the comments, i do look through them from time to time

Credits: Utoftfighter

Download Cities: Skylines – Volvo XC 70 - Download Link #1


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