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Cities Skylines – Varna (Bulgaria)

Varna (Bulgaria)

Welcome to the wonderful region of Varna (Bulgaria) located at the Black Sea Coast.

General notes:

Very close to reality map by using terrain.party, infrastructure changed a little bit for better gameplay.
For optimal visual performance (as seen in the screenshots) you need the Environment changer and make sure the setting is on „boreal“ before loading the map. Otherwise the map comes as „tropical“, which doesn’t fit the area as good as „boreal“ imo.

  • Playable with default 9 tiles, but optimized for 81 tiles (recommended!)
  • also playable with 25tiles
  • Road-, rail-, ship and plane outside connections available.
  • Plenty of space to build (72%)
  • Rocky areas, hills, forests, coast, beach (famous Slatni pjasazi, Golden Sands)
  • Resources: all of the 4 (farmland, forestry, oil, ore)
  • Outstanding intersections (by Dendraspis) allow fluent traffic for a hudge city.
  • only few objects required
  • no DLC required
Notes on Mods:

!IMPORTANT! Make sure to enable „anarchy always on“ or „anarchy ON by default“ in the settings of Prop&Tree Anarchy mod BEFORE loading the map (otherwise a lot of props become invisible in game!). After loading you can disable this setting.
Best visual effect is achieved by turning OFF the three options „no fertily, ore, oil ground colour” and ENABLE „no orange dead trees at shoreline/no shoreline ground colour“ in case you use No Radioactive Desert and More mod!

Notes on LUT:

Use the awesome Vibrant Realism LUT. Highly recommended!

Recommended Mods:
  • Daylight Classic
  • No Radioactive Desert and More (see above for settings)
  • Tree Lod Fix – set to „ultra“
  • Lod Toggler

Credits: MomoTimbuktu (Louis), Dendraspis

Download Cities Skylines – Varna (Bulgaria) - Modsup.com

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