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Cities: Skylines – Valhalla Map

Valhalla for Cities: Skylines.


Welcome to Valhalla


-Sheltered Bay
-Hydro Dam Power For Fast Start
-Reworked Train Suspension Bridge and other bridges
-Mountain Backdrop
-Partial Sunken Highway
-Easy on your CPU

****If you are not getting your desired FPS with this map, simply thin out some river and creek vegetation

100% Vanilla
I recommended subscribing to the Theme ‘Alps Dolomite’ by the great Miyagi. You will see it linked on the right.

Bonus Settings:

Prop Anarchy: ON
Relight: Brighten it up
LUT: I used Relight Average but whatever you like!

This dam will provide you with ample power that has been wired under the highways. Just connect anything to the highways and you are good. No more messy powerlines everywhere.

Things that I want to tell you:

1.) There are 952 Pillars in this map. Also under 100K Trees 🙂
2.) Never have I worked harder on a map than this one – 5 months
3.) Please, consider leaving a thumbs up for myself and other map maker’s efforts.
4.) A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped last year’s map reach the first page of the all-time greats.

Highway 2/4
Train 4/4
Ship 2/4
Air 2/4

Credits: Bringer of Fire

Download Cities: Skylines – Valhalla Map - Download Link #1


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