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Cities: Skylines – Tram 71-605×2 REP

Tram 71-605×2 REP for Cities: Skylines.

KTM-5 (or 71-605 as it is known nowadays) in several modifications was built from 1965 to 1992 on Ust’-Katav tramway factory in the Cheljabinsk Oblast’, Russia. 14991 cars of this type were built, what makes this type the most numerous tramcar in history of public transport. Technically it is a PCC tram – it supposed to be an unlicensed clone of famous Tatra T3, but Ust’-Katav actually is not only tram factory city. Not everyone knows, but it is a place where soviet rocket engines were built. So local engineers decided that their tram must look like a spaceship itself. But, you know, in 60s they had a very strange opinion on how the spaceship must look like.
Nowadays this car is still very common to most Russian and many Ukrainian cities. Alas most of people – even tram enthusiasts – hate these cars as most of them are destroyed by dozens years of harsh exploitation by incompetent idiots. On the other hand for many artistic persons and young people who moved to central Russia from provincial regions and have nostalgic feelings this tram car is a symbol of something dear and lost.
Not even one of this car were exported outside the Soviet Union. But there is a city (only one) in EU where these cars run. It is city of Daugavpils / Dvinsk in Latvia, former USSR republic. And they look great in right hands.

In game it is a two car EMU train, it changes livery color in line color.

Capacity is 100.

Credits: kowkamurka

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