Cities Skylines – Train Station: Lindenthal Stadtbahn

Lindenthal station, while technically not existing in real-life, is a mash-up or potpourri of various light rail stops in Cologne’s district of the same name. It features 90 meter long two low-floor side platforms with entrances at all four corners. Some protection from the elements is provided by simple bus shelters, as it is typical for Cologne’s lightrail network.


Tris: 7148 (LOD: 72)
Textures: 1024×1024 DSA
Ploppable Train Station
Lot: 14×2
No Color Variations

Known Issues

Cims float above the platform. Still looking into this.


Place of origin: Cologne, Germany
Built ca.: ?

Credit(s): TheArkerportian

Download - Cities Skylines – Train Station: Lindenthal Stadtbahn

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