Cities Skylines – Train: ÖBB 4020 LineColor

The 4020 series of the ÖBB was introduced in the 1970’s with Vienna’s commuter rail, a small number of units remains active as of today. Each unit consists of a class 4020 motor car, a class 6020 cab car and a class 7020 carriage in between the them.

It is depicted here in its classic blue livery, adapted to support line colors.


whole train:
Vmax: 120 km/h
Capacity: 320 pax
Tris: 7342 (LOD: 640)
Textures: 2028×1024 DISC/DISCA

Credit(s): TheArkerportian, x||x

Download - Cities Skylines – Train: ÖBB 4020 LineColor

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