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Cities Skylines – Train: KVB 2000 OC

KVB’s 2000 series, as it served – and to a small extent still serves – the Cologne lightrail, which really was more a tram network throughout most of the 2000’s service life. These were not the first light rail vehicles in Germany (almost though), but they started the “B-Wagen” family, which were by far the most successful model in their class.

This mod contains the 2000 series, wearing it’s (more or less) original livery, as a double trainset for your rail lines.



whole train:
Vmax: 100 km/h
Capacity: 400 pax
Tris: 6396 (LOD: 440)
Textures: 1024×1024 DISC, 512×512 DISC

Credits: TheArkerportian

Download Cities Skylines – Train: KVB 2000 OC -


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