Cities Skylines – Train: DB BR111 5 DoSto Red

The BR111 was an updraded version of the BR110, with slightly more power, slightly more speed, more advanced electronics and last but not least a facelift. Unlike its older sister, the BR111 is still a fairly common sight on many German rail lines, their numbers are dwindling though as you read this.

This mod includes the BR111 pulling a regional train of 5 double decker coaches, all in the current red DB regio livery.


whole train:
Vmax: 140 km/h
Capacity: 1040 pax
Tris: 12304 (LOD: 554)
Textures: 1024×1024 DISCA, 2048×1024 DISCA


This train is longer than the default train stations.

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Credit(s): TheArkerportian

Download - Cities Skylines – Train: DB BR111 5 DoSto Red

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