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Cities: Skylines – Toronto Style High School 5

Toronto Style High School 5 for Cities: Skylines

The fifth entry into my High School series based of Schools in Toronto Ontario, Canada.

This school while very modern looking is in no way a new school. The original school was built in 1929 and extended multiple times. In 1996 the entire original school minus the Auditorium was torn down and a new school was constructed on the site and opened a year later in September 1997. The Auditorium is the only remnant of the original school although it to was modernized during the reconstruction. The new school is far larger and features more facilities for teaching and for the Arts. The school has since become full due to large development in the area causing the Toronto District School Board to put admission restrictions on the school.

Cost to Build: $75,000
Upkeep: $1,200
Size: 16×8
Student Population: 2000

Credits: JSF-1

Download Cities: Skylines – Toronto Style High School 5 - Download Link #1


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