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Cities: Skylines – Toronto Style Elementary School 4

Toronto Style Elementary School 4 for Cities: Skylines

The fourth elementary school in my series of Schools from Toronto Ontario, Canada.

This is another one that is actually a Middle School, however since C:S doesn’t have middle schools this instead functions as an Elementary School. This school is based off the middle school I attended and it features a unique open concept main floor, with rooms on this floor having moveable walls allowing the floor plan to be modularized to an extent. The School also features a distinct almost low rise office building like exterior with large floor to ceiling windows to allow in maximum natural light. The school is also built in the standard concrete style of the late 60’s-early 80’s schools and is a sort of prototype for what would become the standard “Concrete Box” design (or as I refer to them as “Board Cubes”). for middle schools of the time. These schools where especially prevalent in Scarborough.

Cost to Build: $20,000
Upkeep: $420
Size: 5×6
Student Population: 400

Credits: JSF-1

Download Cities: Skylines – Toronto Style Elementary School 4 - Download Link #1


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