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Cities: Skylines – Tokyo (東京), Japan (日本) Mass Transit

Tokyo (東京), Japan (日本) Mass Transit for Cities: Skylines

This is a 1:1.5 scale version of the 23 wards of Tokyo.
1:1 was to small as I would not be able to include all 23 wards.
The Borders are, East: Tokyo Disneyland, South: Haneda Airport, North-West: Wakoshi Station.
I included every single river and lake on the map and tried to be as faithful to Tokyo as I could be.
Sadly I din’t include the hills yet since I am unable to locate a solid source of info on the heights of the Hills of Tokyo.
I plan on making an updated version in the future that includes the many hills in tokyo to not make it such a flat map.

To unlock the full potential of this map you need to play with the: 81 Tiles (Fixed for 1.2+) mod.

Credits: Gaijinman

Download Cities: Skylines – Tokyo (東京), Japan (日本) Mass Transit - Download Link #1


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