Cities: SkylinesMod

Cities: Skylines – Toggle District Snapping v2 : Reboot

Toggle District Snapping v2 : Reboot for Cities: Skylines

A “Cities: Skylines” mod to allow toggling of snapping to roads when painting districts

Version 2 of Toggle District Snapping : Revival of the mod by jtheis85/Business Socks found here:

Make sure to unsubscribe from the Business Socks version.

Removed what I believed was the cause of the error. Has something to do with the Options.

So have disabled this for now and brought it back to its basic functionality.

Appears to play nice with other mods like BloodyPenguin’s 81 Tiles Unlock.

Update 3: April 10, 2019:
Hi All,

Long story short.

There is an issue with the implementation of the relevant frameworks in the mod, I am trying to implement the new versions of the Frameworks, but not having any luck at the moment.

Will be reaching out to BloodyPenguin in a hope to the resolve this quickly.

Apologies for the delay

Credits: le d'airain

Download Cities: Skylines – Toggle District Snapping v2 : Reboot - Download Link #1


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