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Cities: Skylines – Tiny Pavement Path

Tiny Pavement Path for Cities: Skylines

Do you feel the standard pavement path is too fat? Do you hate splotchy grey sidewalks?Then the tiny pavement path is for you! Only 0.5U wide, can elevate, goes underground, there isn’t anything it can’t do. With the tiny pavement path, your pedestrian sphaghetti will look much cleaner and cims will walk places.


The Tiny Pavement Path is THE ONLY STABLE TINY walkway in the workshop: it will NOT sink into the ground, and it WILL cut the grass for you. (Except at intersections, you have to cut those yourself.) It also doesn’t turn white, glow like a neon light, or fail to split properly at junctions. It uses true textures instead of letting the Skylines engine splash a blotchy pavement.

Going below the 1U width limit makes networks unreliable (we are approaching game limits): the Tiny Pavement Path successfully navigates this treacherous space to bring relief…to pedestrians. I have fixed the bugs that bedeviled previous asset creators.

But hold a sec, mate. I don’t like those Galaxy spot lights, the wind-blown chopstick pillars, or just the color gray. No problemo! The Tiny Pavement Path is one of the few walkways compatible with Network Skins 2 Beta (it usually works only for roads) . With Network Skins 2 Beta you can choose any color, pillar, and lights you want. You can bring variety to your city.

Credits: whisperwalk

Download Cities: Skylines – Tiny Pavement Path - Download Link #1


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