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Cities Skylines – Theseus Temple Vienna

Theseus Temple Vienna mod for Cities Skylines.

“This neo-classical building was designed by the court-architect, Peter von Nobile, between 1811 and 1823. It was devised as the home and setting of a single contemporary artwork: Antonio Canova’s magnificant Theseus slaying the Centaur. For almost seven decades this impressive marble group stood in the Theseus Temple but in 1890 it was removed to the newly erected Kunsthistorisches Museum, where it remains to this day. Over a century later a new exhibition series organized by the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna returns the temple to its original purpose by presenting a major work by a contemporary artist at the Theseus Temple every year.”

The building is a unique building and works as a museum of contemporary arts. But as it is just a exhibition hall, it has quite less employees, water and electricity consumption and produces no pollution.

A very big thx goes out to my friend @raccoon who helped me a lot with textures and advices.

Main Model:

Tris: 5.3k
Verts: 4.5k
Texture: 512×3072,_d,_n,_s


Tris: 398
Verts: 370
Texture: 256×256,_d

Credits: PeterBar

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