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Cities Skylines – Templar Houses Set

Templar House Set for Cities Skylines.

These models are based on so-called German Templar Colony houses from Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel.

Many thanks to user DODIK for providing me with reference photos and inspirations!

According to wiki;

Sarona, a German Templer colony, was founded in Ottoman Palestine in year 1871 and later became a part of Tel Aviv.
Around year 1889, 269 people lived there and 41 homes existed at the time.

Also props for some buildings have been included in the set. These will not spawn automatically, You can place them using move it!

  • A baluster and a post for Tlv2 (Tlv2fence, Tlv2post)
  • A segment of the fence has high tris count (1480) and would overall overwhelm original tris count of the house if spawning automatically
  • A trilignual inscription (Hebrew, Arabic and English) for Tlv3 (Tlv3sarona) with 2 tris and texture map 512×512
  • A sign in German and Arabic for Tlv4 (Tlv4sign)
  • A working clock for Tlv4 (many thanks to Ronyx69 for an awesome script!, a clock called Tlv4clock)

Credits: Lichwiarz

Download Cities Skylines – Templar Houses Set -

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