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Cities Skylines – Tangaroa – Vanilla Version

Tangaroa Map – Vanilla Version for Cities Skylines.

Tangaroa is a custom map I built for my let’s play series of the same name. The map’s terrain is completely hand-created without any heightmaps. This version of the map is the very basic vanilla version. Note that the video preview shows the detailed version.

Gameplay: I’ve included a hidden highway connection to meet the game requirements. If you are playing completely with mods, I recommend disconnecting the road and challenging yourself to have everything arrive via ship/plane. Alternatively, my approach will be to remove the road once I’ve unlocked the harbor. Either way, the road connection is intentionally designed to not handle a large amount of traffic so you will need to have a harbor and/or airport relatively quickly.

Inspiration: The inspiration for this map comes primarily from Bora Bora. I was playing with Little Czar during the early days of our local stay-at-home order while thinking about what I should do for my next series. I started thinking about Bora Bora and the next thing I knew I was coloring a map while the Little Czar colored some Frozen drawings (the drawing is attached for posterity). Here we are two months later and I’m finally ready to release the map to coincide with the launch of the series.

Credits: Czardus

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