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Cities Skylines – Tanen Islands Map

Tanen Islands Map for Cities Skylines.

A flat tropical island chain. Easy map for creating a small(er) tropical city. There is a lake suitable for either water intake or output and a small island suitable for a small airport.

2/4 incoming road connections.
2/4 outgoing road connections.

There are four lanes going from the edge of the map, on two places, and a national road connecting the other large islands.

4/4 ship connections.

2/4 plane connections.

Some farming and oil is available. Lots of trees.
Shellfish, Salmon and Anchovy is available for Sunset Harbor.

No custom content needed for this map.

Parklife is needed for animal spawners.
Mass Transit is needed.

Required DLC:
Cities: Skylines – Mass Transit
Cities: Skylines – Parklife

Credits: steinalh

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