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Cities Skylines – Sydney Terrace Glenmore Street

Sydney Terrace – Glenmore Street – Enclosed Balcony for Cities Skylines.

Here’s an Australian 2 storey Victorian Terrace house. I have named this series of terraces “Glenmore” after Glenmore Road in Paddington Sydney. This particular style would be found on a typical street in inner Sydney.

These models include S, A, N, C and I maps and custom lod files. They are designed to fit in with other Victorian Terrace models such as UK Victorian Terraced, UK Housing, Victorian Terrace and Seaside Terraces. They work well when used with small shops and pubs to create inner suburbs.

You will need to use mods such as Move-It to position the building and line them up.

Credits: SimMayor48

Download Cities Skylines – Sydney Terrace Glenmore Street -

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