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Cities: Skylines – Sydney Terrace Bourke Street Corner

Sydney Terrace Bourke Street Corner for Cities: Skylines.

Sydney Terrace Bourke Street Corner Shop and Residence

Here’s another Sydney Terrace, this time a corner shop and residence. Although ficticious, it is based on a real building found in Surry Hills Sydney.

This building has a cantilever wrap around balcony with decorative wrought iron and an iron roof.

There is a garage to one side and the back has windows and doors in case you want a side/back yard. You can use these with other terrace houses to create an inner suburb feel. You could also create a shop again by adding the right things such as awnings, signs and market props.

This model include S, A, N, C and I maps and custom lod files. There are 4 colour variations and they are designed to fit in with other Victorian Terrace models such as UK Victorian Terraced, UK Housing, Victorian Terrace and Seaside Terraces.

You will need to use mods such as Move-It to position the building and line them up.

Credits: SimMayor48

Download Cities: Skylines – Sydney Terrace Bourke Street Corner - Download Link #1


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