Cities: Skylines – Sydney Opera House

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Sydney Opera House for Cities: Skylines

This is a 1:1 recreation of the Sydney Opera House, a globally recognised icon of Sydney. Along with my recreation of Sydney Tower and BadPeanut’s excellent Sydney Harbour Bridge, this completes a triumvirate of Sydney icons for the contemporary Skylines community. Stay tuned for some cool optional add-ons! 😉

The download includes the Opera House and seven props featured in the building: two light props, two table sets (seating 2 and 4), an indoor bench, a lamp/reflector (no light effects were soft enough to include with this), and an installation of indigenous art featured inside the restaurant.

It requires no additional mods or assets to work, but if you pair it with my Bennelong Point Quay and Sydney Harbour lightpost assets, you could make something pretty nice! I used these to create the screenshots here. (I’ve also pictured the item on its own to make it clear that it doesn’t come with the lights and ground pattern included)

It is a level 4 monument, patterned after the vanilla Opera House, but with no in-game requirements besides basic road. To find the Opera House and any of its associated props with Move It, just type “soh”

Credits: Robert

Download Cities: Skylines – Sydney Opera House - Download Link #1

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