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Cities: Skylines – Swanky Street Spring

Swanky Street Spring for Cities: Skylines

**3 extra Items required.**

Swanky Street with flowering spring street trees – A fashionable street for locations like a tourist / entertainment district, a beachside promenade, fashion High Street, etc.

– Beautiful road model by Urbanist does not require decals for the cobblestone design. Well-made model that has natural transition from it to other regular roads (with the exception of highways, a normal issue).

– Only includes a ground level version so that it is a low file size, saving space for you to have more other workshop items. For any bridges, tunnels, or elevated, use a different road.

– Normal game behavior – no crowds of people hanging out in one spot, set to normal small road speeds, i.e. vehicles do not crawl along at turtle speed, on purpose. The advisable method of controlling speed would be using mods like Speed Slider or Traffic Manager to reduce all your roads, including this, to your desired speeds consistently. Otherwise, this road would be at glacial speed, whereas your other small roads/alleys will be your desired more realistic speed.

Credits: MrMiyagiCS, Urbanist

Download Cities: Skylines – Swanky Street Spring - Download Link #1


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