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Cities Skylines – Sunken Tram Station


LRT – Tram Station (Center Platform)



Moin folks !

I guess this one is the first sunken tram station (build from scratch) in the workshop. 🙂
It comes in a similar design as my other sunken “glass” covered stations.

Model stats

The model has 8082 tris and uses a 512x2560px texture.
It comes with a custom lod which has 66 tris and a 128x128px texture.
There are also two sub – meshes included. (Glass and “suncover” arround the model)

Issues and walkarrounds

1. Sometimes (as always) weird walking behavior. Cims who sink in to the ground etc.
I can not change that. As with all my models…. I spent hours in the asset editor/game to
find the best working solution… that is what I came up with ….

2. Sometimes Cims change the platforms “over” the track instead of walking arround.
Another thing that I can not change. Thats the game mechanincs …

3. No LRT – tram station track used within the object. That´s very very sad … but I wasn´t
able to create a working sunken track only with the road editor and mod-tools. :/
(I tried a lot …. )
Therefor I used BP´s awesome tram – station – track – Mod.
—> In my opinion, the LRT – tram tracks work best with that station, but you can use any
other tram track of your liking, of course.

4. You´ll find the station under the third parks tab…. as all tram stations ;).

5. Anarchy is mendetory … otherwise you are not able to connect the tracks with the station.

Credits: clus

Download Cities Skylines – Sunken Tram Station -


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