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Cities: Skylines – Stepped Gable House

Stepped Gable House for Cities: Skylines.

Residential house with a crow-stepped gable (or corbie step) as is often seen in The Netherlands or Belgium. 1 by 3 plot size, level 4 high density residential. The building is less than 1 unit wide and will leave an alley to the left. You can use Move-it to get it wall to wall with the building on the left.

The design of crow-stepped gables, or ‘trapgevel’ in dutch, was in part motivated to make it easier for chimney sweeps and other workmen to reach the top of the roof. Over time it got stylized as a standard architectural feature seen on many houses. This particular house can be found at the Herengracht number 415 in Amsterdam.

Credits: Epic Lurker

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