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Cities Skylines – ST Conduit M [Water]

Spectra W Conduit M [Water] by bullettMAGNETT

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Tris 770 / LOD 178
1024×1024 maps
Size 7×7 tiles

Press Release:

“Spectra Technologies Inc.
Spectra Technologies proudly introduces a new technological advancement for the cities of today.

2 times better at injecting water to your city than the W Conduit.The ST Conduit M will give you a cleaner water for your citizens.
Because of the increased energy usage Spectra Technologies recommends on investing on the Spectral Superconductor to meet your demands.”

Current Stats v 1.4

Cost: 20,000
Upkeep: 960
Energy Use: 1200
Water Capacity 420,000
Noise: 25

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This building has recieve a well deserved update, since day one i hated that i messed up the uvmap. So now i has recieved new textures proper with the texture revision pass im doing to all my assets. For more information read the change notes.

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Credits: bullettMAGNETT

Download Cities Skylines – ST Conduit M [Water] - Modsup.com

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