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Cities: Skylines – Solar Covered Parking


Solar Covered Parking and Electric production for Cities Skylines City Services.

Solar Covered Parking Parking by Populous – Steam Workshop Link

You are an Amazing City Planner so here is as requested, Solar Covered Parking designed to match the Lights After Dark Taxi Stand and the Lights After Dark Bus Stand in the After Dark Collection! Matching Assets:

– Working Parking Spaces
– Lights After Dark Friendly and more active
– Benches and Cim markers so Cims gather and sit
– Matches Lights After Dark Taxi Stand and bus stand
– White light for a clean look
– lights Front and back give this a safe feeling
– Just place Taxi stands, run bus line and place at bus stops

Matching Lights After Dark Taxi Cab Stand by Populous Stand:

Matching Lights After Dark Bus Stop by Populous

Electricity: 250
Cost: 5000
Maintenance: 50
Workers: Not usually added, but someone maintains these so 1

Credits: Populous

File Details:618 KB / ZIP
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