Cities: Skylines – SoCal Laguna Homes

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SoCal Laguna Homes for Cities: Skylines

This is a pack of hillside houses based on those in Laguna Beach, California. These are Rico assets that are made to sit on relatively steep terrain with their entrances being on the top floor.

There are seven base models with a secondary mirrored and slightly altered version of each, making it in total 14 buildings. They all have custom lods, though they are a bit on the heavier side due to rather complex geometry. All houses share the same texture. Stats in detail further down.

In game they are level 5 low residentials with the Rico mod, without they are only unique buildings.

Some notes on placement!
These are not the easiest assets to use if you don’t want terrain issues and world holes. You will need to work with the terrain you place these on if you want a perfect result. They do give a quite good and quick result as well if you don’t look to close.
These are made to sit on steep terrain and therefore don’t conform the terrain.
Also note that placing these you will not see the building. The reason for this is that the main building is actually a submesh to avoid specularity issues below ground level. This also makes placing props on them in the editor hard because the real building is just a small invisible triangle in the middle of the asset.

SoCal Laguna Home 1 1931 (554)
SoCal Laguna Home 1B 1885 (552)
SoCal Laguna Home 2 2516 (586)
SoCal Laguna Home 2B 2516 (586)
SoCal Laguna Home 3 1783 (403)
SoCal Laguna Home 3B 1783 (403)
SoCal Laguna Home 4 1616 (277)
SoCal Laguna Home 4B 1741 (275)
SoCal Laguna Home 5 1239 (199)
SoCal Laguna Home 5B 1239 (199)
SoCal Laguna Home 6 1833 (250)
SoCal Laguna Home 6B 1833 (250)
SoCal Laguna Home 7 1388 (298)
SoCal Laguna Home 7B 1388 (298)

d,c,s,i,n 1024×1024 (128×128)

If you don’t use the Ploppable RICO mod, these will just be unique with no functionality.

Credits: Leeijo

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