Cities Skylines – Small Brick Trainstation V2

small-brick-trainstation-001 small-brick-trainstation-002 small-brick-trainstation-003

Small Brick Trainstation for Cities Skylines.

Update of “Small Brick Trainstation”

This little rural trainstation could be fitting for your european surburbs, as it is very small and made in a style to fit the other european buildings.

With a parkingplace for both cars and bikes, your citizens should be extra motivated to come hop on the train.

Your citizens has to watch out when crossing the rails, it is recommended to wait on the platform untill the train has passed, (yes, your citizens actually walks across the railscrossing to get to the other side, many small stations has this, instead of stairs, as you might or might not know.)

Because this station isn’t huge, i decided to reduce the cost, to the half of a normal station, i think.

No mods needed, only the base game (cant remember if those benches and bins might be from park life)

Credit(s): KingBob

Download - Cities Skylines – Small Brick Trainstation V2

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