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Cities Skylines – Skoda 19t MPK Wroclaw

Skoda 19t MPK Wroclaw train for Cities Skylines.

19t is family of tram series called “Electra” produced Škoda Transportation.
19t is bidirectional trams which were produced for MPK Wroclaw.

The first one released factory in 2010 and to this day in Wroclaw are still operating 31 trains of this type.

Technical details:
Vmax: 60 km/h
Capacity: 252 passangers

Texture: 2048×2048 a_c_d_i_n_s / LOD 32×32

Carriage A: 1505 tris/LOD 78 tris
Carriage B: 599 tris/LOD 74 tris
Carriage C: 1149 tris/LOD 70 tris
Carriage D: 599 tris/LOD 78 tris
Carriage E: 1505 tris/LOD 76 tris

This tram doesn’t change a color.

Required DLC:
Cities: Skylines – Snowfall

Credits: SzaraVytra

Download Cities Skylines – Skoda 19t MPK Wroclaw -

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