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Cities Skylines – Siemens S70

The Siemens S70 is a light rail vehicle used in U.S cities. These assets are modeled after Houston METRORail’s first set of S70s which have a streamlined look to them. One train has 72 seats and room for 169 to stand. That brings the capacity to 241 but in game I made it to the nice even number of 240.

-1 Car Train (240 passengers)
-2 Car Train (480 passengers)
-Prop Version

Custom sounds are included but to hear them you’ll need Vehicle Effects. Sounds are recorded from the real S70s.

The 2 tram assets have color variation only in the destination sign. I thought it would be more realistic rather than the entire train colored based on the line color, but that’s just me.

Snowfall DLC required (Because… trams)

by Cristolisto

Credits: Cristolisto

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