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Cities: Skylines – SHIMMNSTTU Trailer Pack

SHIMMNSTTU Trailer Pack for Cities: Skylines

Coil-transport trailer of type SHIMMNSTTU with canvas-style cover.
The mesh was originally made by ron_fu-ta. UV-map and textures are remade by me.
Each trailer has a unique “rust”-effect. This effect comes in 4 different
colors to make it seem as if the trailers are of different age.

This Trailer Pack contains 6 different SHIMMNSTTU trailers:

  • DB (red)
  • Generic (brown)
  • RCA (red-grey)
  • RENFE (green)
  • SNCF (grey-brown)
  • STEEL (blue-grey)

For all my models i used the following programs:

  • Blender v2.78 for raw modelling
  • paint-net for diffuse / alpha / color-var. / illum. / specular textures
  • AwesomeBump for normal texture

Every of the following maps is 2048×2048 pixels (4MP).

  • Diffuse Map
  • Alpha Mask
  • Illumination Mask
  • Color-Variation Mask
  • Normal Map
  • Textures: a, c, d, i, n (2048×2048)
  • Verts: 1.482
  • Tris: 2.066
  • Faces: 2.066
Future Improvements:

-Minor Texture Debugging
-Bake LODs (using default LODs because im lazy af :/ )

Credits: ✪ ChangeOfMind, ron_fu-ta

Download Cities: Skylines – SHIMMNSTTU Trailer Pack - Download Link #1


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