Cities Skylines – Shanghai True 1:1 Modded Map

Shanghai Huángpǔ True 1:1 Map is an international collaboration between AmiPolizeiFunk (US/DE) and Amamiya (CN). In the release we offer two versions — a “Vanilla Version” that requires no DLC and no extra modded assets, and a “CSUE Version” that offers a tour-de-force of customized highways, including no less that 12 finely crafted intersections. If you’ve been curious about the CSUE/CSUR road collections, this map is a great place to start. What better way could there be to learn the system than by looking at immensely complex builds by the creator himself? Showing off the functionality of CSUE/CSUR is one of the goals of this project. The other goal is to offer you a canvas on which to create Shanghai, one of the biggest, tallest, and most colorful cities in the world.

  • Complete and functioning 内环 Inner Ring Elevated Road
  • Complete and functioning 南北高架 North-South Elevated Road
  • Map centered on Huángpǔ district and 浦西 Puxi (old city center)
  • Location of the Oriental Pearl Tower and 浦东 Pudong district close to the starting sector
  • Realistic water flow 黄浦江 Huángpǔ River from South to North to empty in Yangtze
  • Highly-detailed build of “9 Dragon Interchange” at 延安高架路 Yan’an Road
  • Precise build of whirlpool elevated highways at 南浦大桥 Nanpu Bridge Interchange
  • Area for entire Metro Loop (Line 4) included (81 tiles required)
  • Ship, rail, and air paths
Assets Collection

The modded map requires 96 custom assets, which we have not added to this page. Instead, we’ve made you a collection, which consists of the minimum assets required to start the map:


This map assumes that you are an advanced player. In addition to the standard suite of anarchy and road editing mods, these mods are highly recommended:

Road Options allows you to unify the road and offramp color.

Network Skins is required by a couple of roads for their custom proplights to turn on.

TMPE can be used to fix the flow of CSUE highway nodes where the game thinks there is a stoplight. Use TMPE “Switch traffic lights” button (top leftmost button) and left-click once on highway nodes where you see cars stopping.


Included in this release are 6 map images to be used in Overlayer v2:
1. Shanghai OSM 16k overlay.png (massive 16k x 16k px OSM overlay, 25% transparency, 133MB)
2. Shanghai OSM 16k.png (opaque version of above, for your reference)
3. Shanghai OSM 4k overlay.png (more reasonably sized 4k version, 25% transparency, 17.7MB)
4. Shanghai OSM 4k.png (opaque version of above)
5. Shanghai googlemaps overlay.png (aerial photo from Googlemaps, 25% transparency, 13.4MB)
6. Shanghai googlemaps.png (opaque version of above)

All comments and questions are welcome!

Credit(s): AmiPolizeiFunk, amamIya

Download - Cities Skylines – Shanghai True 1:1 Modded Map

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