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Cities: Skylines – Set of Elevated Stations

Set of Elevated Stations for Cities: Skylines

Set of Elevated Stations

Here’s what you get in this Elevated Station Pack! As usual, No mods are required

All four of these assets are located under the train tab, in the Public Transport menu.



With these elevated assets, to allow the roads beneath to work correctly you cannot let them come too close to other roads. If you do, they won’t align correctly as seen above, on the right.

To place them correctly, clear an area that allows you to place the asset without connecting to the existing network of roads. When placed, you can check if you plopped it right by checking the roads are centered under the asset as shown above, on the right.

In order to place elevated train tracks to connect to the stations above roads, you may need to subscribe to my “Rail-over-road” train tracks:

If for some reason you’ve destroyed an elevated train station (fire is disabled for these assets) – you MUST delete and re-plop the asset, do NOT use the “rebuild” button as this will duplicate the roads beneath the station and totally mess up your network.

If you have any problems see below:


Follow These steps if you believe this asset is causing you a problem:

1: Close Cities Skylines (quit to desktop)

2: Use launch parameters to set “–disableMods” > See here for a guide on setting launch parameters

3: Launch the game

4: Start a new game 100% vanilla

5: test thoroughly the asset to see if it presents the same problem (yes you may have to play and build a quick test city to do so)

6: If the problem still persists, please upload the same vanilla save file you tested in making sure you have not used any other custom assets (so they don’t disappear when I load it) and paste a link to the savegame in the discussion thread “Troubleshooting Savngegames”

If you really want to show your appreciation, you could donate to my gofundme page! Every little bit helps this poor uni student! https://goo.gl/GRU8WG


Credits: BadPeanut

Download Cities: Skylines – Set of Elevated Stations - Modsup.com
Download Link #1

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