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Heya and welcome to Senja .

Senja is an island in northern Norway, but only the name refers to the island and is coming from Marius O in skynation since he been there and thinks this creation reminds him about Senja.

So this is a fantasy creation and it has 4 connections of each.

This map doesent demand so many downloads, you will need a theme and 2 custom trees and Fine road tool, this is because this tool does not work in the editor, so to plop nice intersections and get them to look nice , this tool is needed.

To the screenshots you see I have used the Relight mod by Ronyx 69 because I think this is a great mod for nice looking maps, I used the film lut wich is included in the mod.
I also use Daylight Classic with the settings from the instructions from Relights steam page, I included a picture with the settings and settings in Ultimate eyecandy is also included.

If you do not want to use Relight I suggest try Bona vista Valley lut also with Daylight Classic and then set everything to classic in the options in the game.

The map is mostly very flat, some small parts are just raised 12 meters.
Oil is a bit rare but you will find it on the map ,its lioke brown gravel, Ore is in the mountains just as it should be. Agricultural is spread on the map as yellow fields.
This map is made with the thinking about great shipping ablities and ferrys, you can build harbour directly in your start location.

There are no props at all placed on the map and the is 206 k trees on the map wich you will begun to delete as soon as building starts.
Why no props placed and not many huge stones that counts as buildings, well the thinking here is that many players like to use props to decorate with, so thats your job to place those.

Tried to make highway system small but to cover a huge part of the map anyway.

This boreal theme is made to have very clear water, its not easy to make water look nice in a boreal theme, so the sea bottom is filled with small stones, but even on deeper water those can be seen. Those stones also gives the water a slight different color.

Intersections is made by the master and great friend Arisandi.
Credits to Khanador for the textures to the theme. Thank you my friend.

Have fun with this map.
Ecania and Arisandi

Credits: ecania

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