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Cities: Skylines – SAR Fire Station

SAR Fire Station for Cities: Skylines

This is a alternate to the base game fire house, the stats are sightly improved from the original. This was done as a request by a commenter on my SAR Station. Didnt think anyone would want a fire station variant with all the higher quality options out there already.

Natural Disasters DLC not required

SAR Fire Station
408 Tris
Size 4×3

Build Cost 10,000
Upkeep 400 week
Pollution None
Noise None
Water 480
Sewage 480
Garbage 4.32
Electricity 304 KW

Fire Dept. 100
Fire Dept. Radius 700

Vehicles: 6

Uneducated Workers 10
Educated Workers 14
Well Educated Workers 6
Highly Educated Workers 2

Credits: tacticalcrash

Download Cities: Skylines – SAR Fire Station - Download Link #1


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