Cities Skylines – San Francisco 1:1 Vanilla

Welcome to San Francisco

There were so many low quality San Francisco Maps in Workshop, that i decided to challenge myself, to rush a map with vanilla only, and see how long i would need to make a decent looking map, that has everything it needs in decent quality. (Answer: ~38h work incl testing and fiddling with steamworkshop :))
Heightmap from Terrain Party. I terraformed the coastline to match the real coastline better. There are beaches, where there should be beaches, coastal cliffs, where they should be, lakes, where should be lakes, and bridges where they belong.
I gamed the vanilla assets, to get somewhat decent replicas of Golden Gate Bridge and the Oakland Bay Bride as close as possible to the original appearance. I like what i achieved, but you can easily download original assets from workshop and replace them

I did some smoothening of the land, but very gently, San Francisco is famous for its hills on which it is built, so i want you to get the same challenge and joy to be the major of the city on the seven hills. But dont fear, there is a lot of easy buildspace too.

There are 150k Trees on the map, so you can run the city even with a potato.

Outside Connections

4 highway connections, 4 Ship, 4 Plane, 3 Train. All Network is High Quality, with nice slopes.

Needed Mods and Assets

None, its built Vanilla. You got everything you need in your startsquare.
Screenshots are taken with San Minato Theme and Realstic 1.2 LUT. The San Minato Theme fits the area pretty good, but you can use what you want.

But i still recommend some mods, which do not eat performance (except the TM:PE, this eats cpu^^):

Credit(s): CertainDeath

Download - Cities Skylines – San Francisco 1:1 Vanilla

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