Cities: Skylines – Reynolds Harbour (Vanilla)

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Reynolds Harbour (Vanilla) for Cities: Skylines


Welcome to Reynolds Harbour, this is my 5th map and managed to keep it vanilla. No back story for this map, just a fictional city location somewhere in North-America, Europe or wherever you like. I’m really happy with how it turned out and what I was able to accomplish within the vanilla constraints. Hopefully there isn’t too much gliching, as there are several features and areas of detailing where I pushed the game engine to its limits. While I’ve designed the map to work with vanilla rules, I would suggest the 81 tile mod and a first person camera mod, jump on a train or in a truck cab out in the fog and go for a ride across the map to take in the scenery.

Outside connections:
–4 highway
–4 railway
–4 shipping
–2 plane

All my intersections are hand drawn, which was a real challenge for me while still trying to keep it vanilla. There are some country roads heading towards edge of map, extra outside connections mod maybe useful for these, although they are already linked to the highways in other ways and don’t dead end.

I struggle with resources using the vanilla themes, I can’t bring myself to fill my maps with almost fluorescent yellow ground, so there is only minimal farmland for this reason, while ample ore resource is underneath the Redwood forest and oil is offshore. Plenty of forestry available too and still 20k trees available in the un-modded tree count.

Managing the water on this map was a nightmare, as you’ll see given the myriad water spawn points. Also the water really wants to push into the harbour from edge of map, so have done quite a bit too counter act that. That said, start square water is not really an issue, as I have very generously provided 480,000m3 water supply and 240,000m3 sewage capacity at the start square roundabout, along with 178MW electricity to give your new city a leg up.

The hydro dam took hours of work, I suggest not going anywhere near it with move it or terrain tools. It doesn’t take much for it to leak like a sieve if one of the walls is moved or water level raised even the smallest amount. “Power Station v2 (MG)” is the only custom asset on the entire map and is completely optional, I only put it in to demonstrate how I would start detailing the dam.

In keeping with the vanilla-ness of the map, all my map making and photos were done using both the vanilla European theme and LUT. I really hope everyone enjoys the map, and especially those vanilla players out there.

Credits: wellington6012

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