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Cities: Skylines – RetailKL2

RetailKL2 for Cities: Skylines.

This is a nother version of the retail store “RetailKL1” with grafitti and a little different textures… also with a rear loading zone which you can freely design.. it is also with illumination map and specular map…

Feel free to equip them with signs like in the photo above on the front, e.g. in this case with the “Outlet Mall Sign Prop Pack” from: “conno” –> Signs

But of course you can also take others, or they leave it free 😉

Enclosed are a couple of photos such as could be used……

Photo 2 and 3 what it is exactly without decoration…
Photo 3 to 5 what you could do with it;)…

Shop Pack by klausiundklausi

Credits: klausiundklausi

Download Cities: Skylines – RetailKL2 - Download Link #1


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