Cities Skylines – Restored Colossal Industries (Unique Factory Version)

A 15×8 Unique Factory based on the abandoned factory model. Inspired by GiometryE’s conversion of the same building.
For the Unique Building + RICO version, click here.

Prefab Stats:
  • UI Category: Garbage and Industry-Unique Factories
  • Construction Cost/Maintenance: €150000/9375 (€1500/week)
  • Fire Hazard/Tolerance: 2/30
  • Electricity Consumed: 140 (2240 KW)
  • Water Consumed/Sewage Produced: 50/50 (800 m3/week)
  • Garbage Produced: 15
  • Jobs (Uneducated/Educated/Well Educated/Highly Educated) : 25/20/12/4
  • Pollution Accumulation/Radius: 15/75
  • Noise Accumulation/Radius: 20/75
  • Technically always available.
  • Resource input: Animal Products, Rate: 175; Planed Timber, Rate: 225; Plastics, Rate: 175; Metals, Rate: 225.
  • Output resource rate/Vehicle count: 500/10
Model Stats:
  • Main Model tris: 8071
    2048×2048 texture.
  • LOD tris: 126
    256×256 texture.
Other Notes:
  • The Prefab was based on the vanilla Textile Factory, as such, its icon may show the ‘already built’ overlay on itself and/or on the Textile Factory icon due to a bug. They can still be placed without problems.
  • Once again, shout outs to GiometryE for the inspiration to make this.
  • LUT used in the screenshots is ‘Colorful Summer Day’ by CreativeDEX.

Credit(s): M-ito

Download - Cities Skylines – Restored Colossal Industries (Unique Factory Version)

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