Cities Skylines – Residential building Hansa 01 (RICO)

Residential building based on a building found in Turku, Finland.
Hansa 01 isn’t it’s real name, made it up.
Might add other buildings near it later, so number is there in case I get around to it.

4 colour variations, the stripes on both sides of the building are either orange, green, blue or white.

Tris: 674
Textures: 1024×1024 (d,s,n,i,c)

Automatic lod, seemed to work fine.

Ploppable RICO settings included, otherwise found under unique buildings.
If you have the find it! mod, just search for “Hansa”.

Screenshots taken using VIVID lut.

Credit(s): LiipolanShamaani

Download - Cities Skylines – Residential building Hansa 01 (RICO)

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