Cities Skylines – Refund

Settings can be found in the in-game options menu. The default settings won’t affect gameplay.

The configuration file is …SteamSteamAppscommonCities_Skylinesrefund.settings.xml
* Change RemoveTimeLimit to true to disable the time limit, bulldozed buildings will always be refunded. If disabled after being enabled, playing for some time (14 in-game days when I tested) will nullify the changes. It cannot be used with OnlyWhenPaused.
* Changing OnlyWhenPaused to true will disable refunds when the game is not paused. It cannot be used with RemoveTimeLimit.
* RefundModifier sets the refund modifier, can be any value between -1 and 1. Set to 1 for a full refund.
* RelocateModifier sets the relocation modifier, can be any value between 0 and 1. Set to 0 for free relocation.

Credit(s): xUMR

Download - Cities Skylines – Refund

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