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Cities: Skylines – Real Oil Pipeline

Real Oil Pipeline for Cities: Skylines.

Finally, a REAL oil pipeline that will transport crude oil from your oil extractors, to refineries, to industries. The pipeline not only transports liquid crude oil; it is a FULLY FUNCTIONAL 1 lane, 2 way road substitute, with an invisible tunnel at -6m for service vehicles and cars.

Due to no actual game support for liquid based transportation, crude oil is an invisible vehicle with Truck AI. They WILL travel on regular roads; so if realism is needed, use TMPE to stop Crude Oil from leaking out of the pipe.

In the real world, pipelines are the dominant form of transportation for crude oil and LNG, which is the motivation for creating this asset. It’s not mere cosmetic either – the Real Oil Pipeline is extremely narrow at 1U, saving space.


1) If you want to see the vehicles drive or pedestrians walk on grass, all you have to do is raise the pipeline by 6m.
2) The pipe will junction to “real” roads.
3) No matter how high you raise the pipe – the sides are still zonable!
4) Raising the pipes above the ground will spawn industrial ladders and vertical pipes.
5) You won’t be able to build it very high directly, even with Anarchy, but you can build it, then MoveIt.
6) If you want to guarantee only Crude Oil spawns, and not the large oil tankers, use the Advanced Vehicle Options
7) With Network Skins 2 you can color the pipes and reposition or disable the lights. If you are not sure how to do it, watch the video on this page.
8) Bus stops? Well, I have no idea why you would want buses on a pipe. But yes, bus stops are supported. They can even be placed underground.
9) None of the “required items” are actually required to work, but I put them there so that all subscribers have a uniform experience.

This asset pack is based on Badi Dea’s Industrial Distribution Pipeline. All credit to him for actual asset creation, my only contribution was to make it functional. I highly recommend subscribing to the original if you want the decorative version.

Asset List:

1) Oil Pipeline (Tiny Road)
2) Crude Oil (Invisible oil vehicle)
3) Oil Pipeline Endcap
4) Oil Pipeline Connector
5) Oil Pipeline Pillar
6) Oil Pipeline Valve (light, red blinky)

Credits: whisperwalk

Download Cities: Skylines – Real Oil Pipeline - Download Link #1


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